Action Phenom Jean-Paul Ly is Preparing for Another JAILBREAK with THE RAID Stars Joining the Action!

By: John M Jerva

Jailbreak was a major hit and the first major action film from Cambodia and the film also introduced action phenom Jean-Paul Ly to audiences around the world. The film which was helmed by Jimmy Henderson, told the story of a trio of cops who must survive a jail riot with a major witness in tow.

Now The Hollywood Reporter is bringing the exclusive word that a sequel is on the way and they are enlisting two major stars from The Raid films to pull villain duties! The film is tentatively titled Jailbreak: Round 2 and will feature the expected bone jarring action and stunts that Cambodia is known for.

Jean-Paul Ly on the Cambodian Poster for Jailbreak

Jimmy Henderson is returning in the director’s chair and international Indonesian action stars Cecep Arif Rahman and Yayan Ruhian, who were featured prominently in The Raid films and most recently John Wick 3 – Parabellum, are being recruited to play major villains in the film and they most certainly will bring the bone crunching Indonesian action with them to Cambodia.

Cecep Arif Rahman & Yayan Ruhian

The plot for the sequel, per THR, is written by Kai Miller and “sees Cambodia’s ragtag, renegade team of martial arts commandos band to defeat a fugitive crime lord “lodged atop 30 floors of hell,” according to producer Loy Te.”

The project which will be making its debut at the virtual Cannes Film Market is looking to start production sometime next year and Song Te and Michael Chai will be serving as executive producers with Loy Te’s Kongchak Pictures backing the film financially with a little help from Westec Media.

The first Jailbreak was a massive hit for Indonesia and it saw further triumphs in western markets when it hit Netflix. The film brought Jean-Paul Ly into the spotlight band the actor has gone on to do more films like Nightshooters and most recently I Am Vengeance Retaliation which just saw its release on Digital last week.

Ly will also be seen in director Tom Paton’s upcoming actioner 400 Bullets so expect plenty of good things from him with Jailbreak: Round 2 now added.

With Ly, Ruhian and Rahman in the mix, genre fans can expect a dubious amount of death defying unarmed combat as well as a little immense firepower thrown in for good measure.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Jean-Paul in 2019 and we chatted about Jailbreak in great detail. Head on over and check out my exclusive interview with the action phenom in the link below!

The Warrior has Arrived! A Conversation with Action Phenom Jean-Paul Ly

Keep it locked and loaded right here for more 411 on Jailbreak: Round 2 as we are your destination for everything Action!

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