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Capcom Fighting Collection Review | It's worth buying?

Blu-Ray Editions Announced for AVENGING FORCE, STREET FIGHTER and More!

By: John M Jerva

Here’s some kick ass news for those of you looking to bolster their Blu-Ray collection of classic favorites. According to Dawn Of The Discs, 88 Films will be releasing new editions of some classic action flicks including Avenging Force, Street Fighter and more. Check out the post below!

The site also reveals that there will be brand new shiny editions of Jet Li’s The Master as well as two other Van Damme flicks Knock Off and Replicant.

A former agent heads to the Louisiana bayou to track down and destroy the right-wing vigilantes who killed his partner.
Against the drama and pageantry of the 1997 British handover of Hong Kong to Chinese rule, a CIA agent has to thwart a conspiracy that, if successful, will incite a wave of world terrorism. KNOCK OFF is the story of Marcus Ray (Van Damme), who lives the good life in Hong Kong working as a sales representative for “V SIX” jeans. As the city’s transition unfolds around him, Ray gets wind of a terrifying conspiracy – a Russian Mafia scheme to bring a deadly secret technology, microbombs, to the worldwide terrorist black market – that he must risk his life to defeat.
An expert fighter (Jet Li) battles a street gang and a criminal underground in San Francisco.
This $17 million direct-to-video production by Hong Kong director Ringo Lam is the story of a fire-obsessed serial killer (Jean-Claude Van Damme) and the recently retired cop (Michael Rooker) intent on stopping him. After finding his hair follicle at a crime scene, a secret government agency clones the killer in the hopes that the replicant will aid in the search. Although he’s full-grown, the clone (also played by Van Damme) has the emotional and mental capacity of a young child. Soon the naïve replicant begins to have visions of past murders and an abusive mother, leading him to escape and seek the killer on his own.
A military commander is sent by an international organization to fight a psychotic dictator who holds a relief team hostage. When the world pays the dictator’s ransom, the commander resigns and decides to take on the villain himself. This action fantasy is based on a popular video game.

Unfortunately no special features have been announced but hopefully they will include some goodies for fans who pony up the bucks to buy them. Keep it locked and loaded right here for more details to come!

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