Esai Morales Takes Over Villain Duties for MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 7

By: John M Jerva

Due to the shutting down of Hollywood during the pandemic crisis, Nicholas Hoult has unfortunately been forced to leave the production of Mission: Impossible 7 which will hopefully begin filming again later this summer

According to Deadline, Hoult will no longer be able to play the baddie in the sequel as the delay has put him into a scheduling conflict with another film. This is the case with a lot of productions.

No worries though as it’s been reported that Deathstroke himself Esai Morales is more than willing to take over the villain duties when filming begins once again.

Morales most recently played the iconic DC warrior on Titans. The film was supposed to hit on July 23rd of next year but it will now be released a few months later on November 19th, 2021.

Tom Cruise, of course, reprises his role of super spy Ethan Hunt with Christopher McQuarrie once again directing as the film will be split into two movies with 8 rounding out the plot line.

Source: Deadline-

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