By: John M Jerva

I’m technically on vacation right now and while I’m not in Panama City like I’m supposed to be I’m still trying to relax and forget about my horrible essential job. I am still on the lookout for awesome looking Asian action cinema offerings and I have some rather adrenalized new posters for an upcoming post apocalyptic Actioner called Defiance which hails from director Prince Wang Zi who is best known for Touch. Check out the two new theatrical one sheets along with four character posters below courtesy of Asian Film Strike!

Unfortunately there are no plot details for the film but the posters look great and the tag line does offer a cryptic message in that “beyond the horizon lies the secret to a new beginning.” It’s not a lot to go on but judging from the posters you can see above and below, we are in store for some lethal doses of combat action!

Starring in the future ravaged film are Eva Huang Shengyi who has appeared in the Donnie Yen Iceman franchise as well as Li Yixuan (The Four), Calvin Chen (Only Love is Able to Remedy Us), Carman Lee (Too Many Ways to be Number One) who will be playing the role of The Prophet.

Action choreography is being handled by Allen Lan who is responsible or such great films as Ip Man 2 and Kung Fu Hustle so I’m expecting good things in the action set piece department. Asian cinema is always thrilling in my book and they serve up extreme stunts and action on a daily basis.

Word is that the film is currently in post production so hopefully we will be graced with some sort of teaser in the near future. In the meantime, check out some character posters below and I’ll keep you updated!

Source: Asian Film Strike-

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