Tom Cruise is Ready to Take On Space and Beyond for His Newest Project! Literally!

By: John M Jerva

It looks like Tom Cruise has pretty much done everything here on planet Earth so the megastar is looking to go into space for his next project and we literally mean go into space and to make it even better NASA has confirmed that he will indeed head to the stars.

Word broke the other day, that Cruise was looking to film his next project in space with Elon Musk’s Space X which would make the film the first narrative movie ever to be shot in space. NASA sent our a Tweet yesterday thus confirming the news.

See! I told you it was happening. Unfortunately, a project like this will take much needed preparation so it will probably take time to make it happen but when it does, look out because what better special effects are there then the real thing.

The film is in the early stages so now word on what it will be plot wise but we are all interested to say the least. Cruise has become one of the most influential action stars as of late with his death defying stunts on film so this will certainly be the biggest one of his career. Good luck and God Speed Tom.

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