HOOD: A LEGEND REBORN- A Hero will Rise and Blood will Flow in the New Teaser Trailer!

By: John M Jerva

Alright boys and girls, it’s time to put the family to bed and to go looking for dinner as we have the new teaser trailer for Hood: A Legend Reborn which hails from former Royal Marine turned stuntman, actor and filmmaker Adam Collins who is best known for the sensational indie Actioner Outlawed.

This isn’t your parents’ version of Robin Hood and it’s apparent from the get go as the teaser is loaded with incredible and epic visuals and some serious kick ass and brutal action choreography as Collins is in fine action form dispatching the bad guys with knives, fist, feet and his trusty bow and arrow. Mens Tamakloe, Luke Tumber and Andrew Burford helped with the action design and the footage looks incredible.

The film which is a more brutal and down and dirty reimagining of the legend of Robin Hood with Collins wearing all the hats on the production of the action short film as he stars as Robin himself and is writer, producer and director via his Outlawed Production banner. This version will be a very darker portrait of the outlaw and will feature some incredible action set pieces that only Collins can deliver.

Official Synopsis: Before the legend, there was just an outlaw.
The year is 1180 AD. King Richard the lion heart has distributed power to the Lords of his land in his absence. The Sheriff of each town has been authorised to enforce the law and maintain order, ensuring the people abide by their civil duties and pay their taxes. Robert Loxely, the Lord of Nottinghamshire, returns from fighting in the crusades along side his closest life long friend. He honours him by making him the Sheriff of Nottingham. Robin, only a young boy, watches as his father is betrayed by the Sheriff and executed before him. Several years later and now a veteran of the war himself, Robin wanders the land alone. A chance meeting places him at the feet of a rebellion. Those who have been outcast and banished from the city. Their villages raped and pillaged at the hands of the tyrannical Sheriff. Robin now has a choice, to turn his back on his home land, or stand, fight and lead the rebellion against the merciless Sheriff and his men!

Collins stars along with Adrian Bouchet as Little John, Steven Blades as the Sheriff of Nottingham, Ciara Lyons as Maid Marion, Oliver Devoti, Kerry Newton, Monty McLaren-Clark as the younger Robin, Russell Balogh as Robert Loxely and Robert Hatburn as Tuck.

I had the distinct honor of interviewing Collins for his starring role in Outlawed and we talked about this passion project of his and what it will entail: “It is a very different and brutal take on the Robin Hood story.” For the full interview with Collins click here!

Collins filmed Outlawed on a minimal budget but you wouldn’t have known it as the action rivaled anything you would see in the bigger films and Hood: A Legnd Reborn will infuse those same type of high-octane action and battle sequences to the Medievel Era. This won’t be your parents’ version of Robin Hood and it will get right down bloody and brutal with a darker version of the legendary character that fans have not seen in the past.

Hood: A Legend Reborn is still in production so hopefully we will get to see the goods soon but in the meantime, check out the jaw dropping first footage from it below!

Source: Adam Collins on Facebook

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