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Samurai Jack Battle Through Time part 2

CRAZY SAMURAI MUSASHI: It’s Tak Sakaguchi Vs. 588 and the Odds are in His Favor! (Update: New Extended Teaser Hits!)

By: John M Jerva

Update: Just days after finally posting a tease for the outrageous Samurai action flick Crazy Samurai Musashi starring the insanely talented Tak Sakaguchi (or just Tak to his legions of fans) there is a newer and more extended trailer now on the net and it features roughly around 15 minutes of footage from the upcoming period actioner. Check it out below and prepare for one massive and blood soaked war!

I’m still waiting to check out Re:Born with Japanese powerhouse Tak Sakaguchi and for that I apologize as work and life have been hectic since the outbreak. It is interesting being an essential worker I’ll say that. Tak is one of those rare performers that has to be seen to be believed as his skills are out of this world. Thankfully, his retirement from film was overly exaggerated and while I wait to watch that film, I have news of a balls out Samurai film which features the phenom going up against 588 assailants and it’s all in one cut with no edits!

The film is called Crazy Samurai Mushashi and it is “taken around the time of “Out and Deluxe,” and consists of the most famous battle of the swordsman Miyamoto Musashi. In this 77-minute, one-scene, no-cut action sequence, Miyamoto (Tak Sakaguchi) defeats 588 enemies, one after the other. There is no room for error, no room for corny or unconvincing moves.”

Now I have been harping on the no cut, no edit oner scenes for months now with the recent 12 minute sequence from Extraction being the best so far but this film might take the prize as it is supposed to last 77 minutes. Now that’s what I call a Samurai action flick.

Tak reunites with Director Yuji Shimomura who also helmed Tak’s previous efforts Death Trance and the already mentioned Re:Born and it looks like they have outdone themselves with this little blood drenched gem.

A new teaser went live last year and I’m truly upset that I haven’t seen it until now and it’s just a little sampling of what’s in store for us and it’s gonna be epic. Tak has sick skills and he can shine whether it’s a period Actioner like this one or a story set in contemporary times like Re:Born. Stay tuned for domestic release info on this one and check out the insane action below!

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