Untitled - October 3, 2022
Untitled - October 3, 2022

Exclusive: Action Star Alexander Nevsky Shares His Action Hero Home Training Workout!

By: Alexander Nevsky

If you’re an action cinema fanatic, then you know who Alexander Nevsky is. The 3-time Mr. Universe has parlayed a successful and drug free bodybuilding championship career into a lucrative film campaign where he has done it all from starring, producing and directing. He has been featured in some of the genre’s high-octane action pics like Showdown In Manila, Treasure Raiders, Maximum Impact and Black Rose. Nevsky is no stranger to action and when the world settles down, he’ll be unleashed once again in future projects that will inject adrenaline into the action genre.

Nevsky knows that these uncertain times can be rough and he wants to make sure that his fans are staying in shape as they’re in lockdown so he has created a special workout regime just for you.

Action stars Alexander Nevsky and Matthias Hues hit the gym!

In this exclusive Action-Flix report, Nevsky shares his Action Hero Workout which is guaranteed to keep you in fighting shape. It’s time to learn from the best as Nevsky takes you step by step in the routine that will keep you moving!


Quarantine could be a good time to workout more often and improve your physic. All gyms are closed and many people don’t have barbells and dumbbells at their homes however it shouldn’t stop anyone from regular training. You can workout with the weight of your own body and still make a good progress!

If you are a beginner and struggling even with pull-ups, please do not get discouraged. Once, many years ago, I have had similar problems. Long before I started weight training I had gotten used to regular simple exercises. The following easy routine improved my body strength:

1) Wide Grip Push-UpsSpread your hands 6-8 inches wider than your shoulders. Keep your head in line with your spine, looking up may strain your neck, bend your arms as far as comfortable and then press to the finish. Throughout the exercise keep your back straight; do not drop or raise your hips.

2) Reverse Dips – Stand with your back to a table, bench, couch, chair or other object behind you. Grab the edge of the bench with your hands. Your arms should be fully extended. Move your feet forward and plant your heels on the floor. Lower your body by bending your arms.

3) Crunches Setting on a chair (your feet secured under a bed or any other sturdy object)

I worked out like that three times a day: before breakfast, lunch, and dinner – and did five sets of ten reps in each exercise. To sum up, I performed a hundred fifty push-ups every day. I had stuck to this plan for a while. And in several months my body was strong enough to do pull-ups, parallel bars dips and dumbbell exercises. You can check all my step-by-step training programs in the great book “3 MORE REPS! The Golden Age of Bodybuilding” by George Snyder and Rick Wayne which was republished last year. 

And most important thing: believe in yourself and remain optimistic! We’ll get through this strange times for sure. Stay safe and strong, ACTION-FLIX fans!

Alexander Nevsky

Check out our three exclusive Action-Flix.com interviews with Alexander below!




After you work out to your fullest potential, be sure to stream Nevsky’s action hits as Black Rose is available on Netflix and Treasure Raiders, Showdown in Manila and Maximum Impact are available on Amazon Prime Video! Keep it locked and loaed right here for more exclusive content from Alexander Nevsky in the future!

Treasure Raiders Available on Amazon Prime Video!
Black Rose Available On Netflix!
Showdown In Manila Available On Amazon Prime Video!
Maximum Impact Available On Amazon Prime Video!

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