KUNG FU VS. ZOMBIES: Check Out the High Octane Animated Short Starring Eric Jacobus and Dennis Ruel!

By: John M Jerva

OK, now this kicks ass and it comes from Action-Flix favorite and resident on screen fighting bad ass Eric Jacobus who has been featured in numerous films and shorts. The animated film is called Kung Fu Vs. Zombies and it pays homage to the genre classic Big Trouble In Little China.

Eric Jacobus

Coming along for the adrenalized ride is one of Jacobus’ long time cohorts Dennis Ruel who has gone toe to toe with Eric in other short films like Rope a Dope and Rope a Dope 2 as well as the features American Brawler and Unlucky Stars.

Dennis Ruel

Jacobus has been advertising the short for a while now and I was waiting till it went live to share it with you all as it truly kicks ass.

Chinatown fights back! Kung Fu vs. Zombies is an animated short paying homage to Big Trouble in Little China, starring 2 stuntmen (me and Dennis) and with a team of mocap pros.

Jacobus recently put out the awesome short films Blindsided and Blindsided: The Game where he played blind pie loving Walter Cooke who took on a slew of gangsters to help a friend out with kick ass results.

The Wing Kong have created a zombie hybrid that is destroying Chinatown. Today, Chinatown fights back. A fast-paced homage to Big Trouble in Little China!

Directed by Eric Jacobus
Produced by Zac Swartout
Performed by Eric Jacobus and Dennis Ruel
Motion Capture Team: Mark R. Johnson, Cordero Roche, Caleb Garcia
Set Technician: Chris Cortez
Post-Production: Eric Jacobus
Titles: Mark R. Johnson

Special Thanks: Adam Myhill, Lydia White, Mike Foster, Katsuhiro Harada, and John Carpenter

“Streetwalker” by NightStop
“Red Light Syndrome” by D. Notive
“Son of a Bitch Must Pay” by Broadwayalien

Shot at Indie Film Factory, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Created by SuperAlloy Interactive (www.superalloyinteractive.com)
3D Engine: Unity (Cinemachine)
Motion Capture: Xsens LINK
Animation and Retargeting: Autodesk MotionBuilder
Created with 3Viz

This short is locked and loaded with some incredible fight action as Jacobus and Ruel and a team of motion capture stuntmen deliver the bone crunching goods.

Check out the short below which just dropped today and marvel at it’s awesomeness!

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