Scott Adkins Personally Ranks His Favorite Films Ever! Number 1- AVENGEMENT!

By: John M Jerva

Well we’ve officially reached the finish line as Scott Adkins has unveiled the number one pick for his favorite films he’s ever done and it’s really no surprise as the winner is Avengement which is Scott’s best reviewed film ever and is considered one of his best performances ever.

Avengement reunites Adkins with director Jesse V. Johnson who the two have collaborated over the past few years on films like Savage Dog, Triple Threat and two other films on his list in this one and Accident Man. Adkins and Johnson have become a formidable one-punch in action cinema as of late and they have the highly anticipated sequel The Debt Collector 2 waiting in the wings.

This brutal and unforgiving look at gangster life has Adkins playing Cain Burgess who is an ordinary man thrust into an extraordinary situation when he gets sent to prison when a job he was doing for his brother, played by Craig Fairbrass, goes horribly wrong.

While in prison and in order to stay alive, Cain transforms himself into an unstoppable fighting machine who, while released from prison, goes after everyone responsible for that happened to him.

Avengement is loaded with visceral and bone jarring fight sequences and Adkins transformation from innocent man to cold blooded killer is really a force to be reckoned with and it really shows how Adkins has excelled as an actor and not just an action star.

Once again, from isolation, Adkins shares his thoughts on the film which is on every serious action fan’s top 10 list and he shares some truly great behind the scenes anecdotes about it.

Check out what Adkins has to say as Avengement is number one! Keep it locked and loaded right as we are your source for everything action!!!

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