By: John M Jerva

Once again, I’ve been busy with life, work and other things so The Action Fix and Action Rewind haven’t been making their weekly rounds as of late but I’m working on something that I’m hoping will transform The Action Fix into something bigger, faster and stronger. In the meantime, I march along and I’ve selected a rather very tasty morsal for all of you this week as I’ve made it both an Action Fix and Action Rewind. It comes in the form of martial arts powerhouse Michael Jai White kicking all kinds of ass in the epic underground fight flick Blood And Bone.

Synopsis: In Los Angeles, an ex-con takes the underground fighting world by storm in his quest to fulfill a promise to a dead friend.

Now the plot of fighters partaking in illegal street fights has been done many times before but it is always a welcome addition to any Saturday night viewing and when you add White into the film, well it just surges to a whole new level.

The film, which was helmed by Ben Ramsey, was released on DVD in 2009 and it quickly became a favorite amongsts fans of the genre. White, as always, was solid in the film and aside from being able to bring it with the fisticuffs, he also brought his usual gravitas and acting chops to the role as well. His character of Isiah Bone was a mysterious figure and one that you don’t have to know much about him to know what he can do. All you know is that a wrong has been committed and he’s going to make it right and beat the piss out of a lot of people in doing it.

Blood and Bone was locked and loaded with numerous and spectacular fight scenes and to tell you the truth, it was hard to pick just one clip from the movie so I picked three. I think you all will approve.

The first clip showcases Bone, as he systematically manhandles numerous opponents to the delight of the cheering fans who have gathered to bet on men kicking the crap out of each other. It opens with him laying out his opponent with one massive punch and then it just accelerates into one of the most killer fights of alltime. This scene highlighted all of White’s best moves and ends with him literally running a gauntlet of fighters who all go down. Check it out below!

The second scene is the opening to the film which sees Bone in prison and minding his own business when a group of thugs led by the late, great Kimbo Slice have been sent to take out our hero. Little do they now, that Bone is someone you shouldn’t mess with and they quickly learn, the hard way, that he is a force of nature and not to be reckoned with. It’s the perfectopening to the movie to say the least.

The last scene comes at the conclusion where Bone takes on a champion played by martial arts star Matt Mullins and this fight is truly a classic of flash as well as brutal and simplistic violence. The two engage in a fierce bout where Mullins is able to get in a few good shots and demonstrate his awesome prowess but ultimately he succumbs to Bone’s skills just like everyone elese in the film. It is a perfect way to end an already stellar fight film.

White is an exceptional athelete and actor and he has done much more than just action films but it is these types of films that made a fan out of me ever since I saw him take on JCVD in Universal Soldier: The Return. He’s big, ripped and can still float like a butterfly and every fight scene he is in, he brings it ten fold.

Blood and Bone is a movie I revisit on many occassion and even my wife loves it and watches it with me. She loves action films like me but she doesn’t always watch them over again so you know this is a good one. Every time I put it on she sits right down next to me. I can’t complain about that at all.

White is still going strong, of course, but Blood And Bone might be the film that most fans gravitate to like Undisputed 2 as I know I do. It is simply 1 hour and 33 minutes of the star doing what he does best and that is all that matters. He is truly the last man standing.

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