Harrison Ford Confirms that INDIANA JONES 5 Will Start Principal Photography in 2 Months!

By: John M Jerva

Ever since there was word that Harrison Ford would reprise his iconic role of famed adventurer and archeologist Indiana Jones in a fifth film, I have actively been seeking any and all info on the project. While Ford is in his 70’s, I feel that he has enough left in the gas tank for one final, wild ride. After all, Stallone and Arnie are doing just fine in their golden years so why not Ford?

Unfortunately, movement on the project has been slow and I mean sloth slow with David Koepp working on the script but Kathleen Kennedy announced that it would indeed be a sequel and not a reboot so we have all held our collective breaths for any 411 on the subject.

Well fear not action fans because word has come from the man himself that the fifth installment is ready to start filming in 2 months! Yes, you heard it right. In an interview for CBS, Ford himself let the cat out of the bag. Okay, he actually said “about two months” but that’s good enough for this action film buff and blogger.

Ford was promoting Call Of The Wild which is hitting theaters soon when he was asked about slipping back into the shoes of two other legendary characters of his in Han Solo and Rick Deckard and he said the biggest challenge was “trying to not look silly.” That’s when he mentioned that Indiana Jones 5 is readying for a Spring shoot.

This is truly wonderful news as that his last outing Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was met with a lot of criticism from fans and reviewers alike even though I lived it. But it’s still great that we will see Ford don his iconic Fedora one more time and tackle a new adventure that only he and Director Steven Spielberg can come up with.

There is no word yet on who will be joining Ford for what will probably be his final Indiana Jones flick but hopefully news will start to pour in soon with production revving up.

We do have a release date however which is July 9th of next year so get excited and get ready to wax nostalgic once more as Dr. Jones is making a comeback. Wait, don’t call it a comeback.

Check out the interview below courtesy of CBS!


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