BOSS LEVEL: Check Out the Full Synopsis and New Images for the All Out Action/Thriller Starring Frank Grillo and Mel Gibson!

By: John M Jerva

Now that everyone has seen the epic new trailer for Fast 9, and I do mean epic, we now turn our sights to another anticipated action pic hitting this year which is the Groundhog Day-esque action-thriller Boss Level which comes to us courtesy of director Joe Carnahan and starring Frank Grillo and Mel Gibson.

Although we wait for our first footage from this film, we now have the full synopsis as well as some new images which debuted a few days ago on Grillo is a battle hardened former spec ops soldier who is forced to relive the day of his death over and over again as he tries to piece together exactly what the hell is going on and going through an army of assassins to do it.

Official Synopsis: Trapped in a time loop that constantly repeats the day of his murder, former special forces agent Roy Pulver (Frank Grillo) uncovers clues about a secret government project that could unlock the mystery behind his untimely death. In a race against the clock, Pulver must hunt down Colonel Ventor (Mel Gibson), the powerful head of the government program, while outrunning skilled ruthless assassins determined to keep him from the truth in order to break out of the loop, save his family and live once again for tomorrow.

Image courtesy of Collider and War Party
Image courtesy of Collider and War Party
Image courtesy of Collider and War Party

Early word on the street from those who’ve seen it already (lucky bastards) is that Grillo and Carnahan via their newly formed War Party production banner have created a balls out action film with over the top characters, extreme violence and action set pieces that are truly original. I’ll watch anything that Grillo is in and throw in Gibson and I was there yesterday.

Also starring are Naomi Watts, Michelle Yeoh, Annabelle Wallis, Ken Jeong and interestingly enough former New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski who I didn’t even know was acting so that should be a sight to behold for sure and probably not in a good way but you never know.

Release info is still pending but hopefully we get the 411 on that soon along with a kick ass trailer too. Keep it locked and loaded right here for more to drop!

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