THE ACTION FIX: Jason Statham Does What He Does Best in TRANSPORTER 2!

By: John M Jerva

First of all, I have to apologize as The Action Fix has taken a back seat in recent months as I have been busy with other things and interviews I’m still trying to get out. I recently noticed that my last entry was two months ago and for that I am truly sorry Action-Flix fanatics.

I am here today to change all that as The Action Fix is back for 2020 and we have a great clip for you with action superstar Jason Statham doing what he does best in one of his best fight scenes ever from 2005’s Transporter 2.

Mercenary Frank Martin (Jason Statham) has accepted a job that seems easy enough, as chauffeur and bodyguard to young Jack (Hunter Clary), son of crusading politician Jefferson Billings (Matthew Modine). The problem is that Billings is crusading against an international drug cartel. They retaliate by kidnapping Jack and infecting him with a deadly and highly contagious virus. Responsible for the boy, Frank must reclaim him and then find an antidote before scores of innocents are stricken.

There’s no denying that it was The Transporter that first gave The Stath his first actual action street cred and he certainly has parlayed that into a successful action film career ever since. Statham had made some movies before then like Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch and The One with Jet Li but when The Transporter arrived in 2002, a new action star was born. Statham had the charisma, the looks and most importantly the moves as he executed numerous Hong Kong style fight scenes under the expert tutelidge of legendary action master Corey Yuen. His character of mercenary turned transporter, who will deliver any package guaranteed with no questions asked, was almost like James Bond and dare I say that I love this guy more than 007. I’m one to never conform to the norm.

That streak continued with the sequel Transporter 2 and the scene we have for you today is the climatic brawl where Statham’s character of Frank Martin takes on an army with only his fists and feet as well as anything elese he could find in the near vicinity. This scene really shows off Statham’s flash and flair and he takes down all comers with the greatest of ease and cements himself as one of the greats in action cinema history. At least that’s my opinion. Change my mind…I dare you.

Interesting little tidbit as this film is Statham’s favorite of the three and I have to agree. Unfortunately Statham retired from the role and they tried to reboot it both in film and TV with no luck proving that no one and I do mean no one can ever replace Mr. Statham.

Statham has been in the news as of late with announcements that he is in talks to join Kevin Hart in the action/comedy Man From Toronto as well as the really interesting news that he may be taking over The Expendables franchise so I thought it fitting that I share an action scene from one of his earlier efforts.

It’s these films that made me a life long Jason Statham fan so it’s only fitting that I make the first Action Fix of 2020 a scene from the franchise that made him a superstar. Check it out below and enjoy!

About The Author: John M Jerva is the owner and editor-in-chief of and is a DIE HARD fan of everyhting Action! From the glorious past to the thrilling future, John lives and breathes action!

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