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FOOT FIST FRIDAYS: JCVD Battles Bolo Yeung and Peter Malota in His Ultimate Martial Arts Epic DOUBLE IMPACT!

By: The Cinema Drunkie

Welcome to FOOT FIST FRIDAYS! A weekly dose of fight action where the Action-Flix.com experts share their thoughts on some of the greatest scenes of fisticuffs in action cinema history!

Who doesn’t love Jean-Claude Van Damme?! Well the only thing better than the Muscles From Brussels is two of him in the same movie and that’s exactly what fans got in 1991’s Double Impact where JCVD played twins out for vengeance against the crime syndicate that murdered their parents years earlier. The highlight of the film was definitely the finale where Van Damme took on veteran martial artist Peter Malota and also had a Bloodsport rematch with the legendary Bolo Yeung. Take an action drenched trip down memory lane as The Cinema Drunkie spotlights this classic climax! Take it away Cinema Drunkie!

Have I ever stated how much I love JCVD movies?? I’m pretty sure I have, on numerous occasions. But what the hell, what’s one more time gonna hurt: I. Love. Van Damme movies! My all time favorite action hero as a kid, and my all time favorite action hero till this day. I just can’t get enough of the guy. As a kid, he was an action god to me. Nobody could come close, and I eagerly awaited his next movie release.

Then one day, when I was about 7, I was watching TV with my dad when a trailer came on. A trailer for a new Van Damme movie. And this looked to be more ultimate than the rest. An explosive epic of a movie. I sat there in stunned amazement. I was so excited! I swear, if my chest were a cannon, I’d have shot my heart upon that television screen that night. And I was right to be so, because the movie was epic, and became known as one of his very best, and till this day, one of his most loved works. That movie is gonna be the subject of today’s Foot Fist Friday.

That movie… was Double Impact.

A classic in every sense of the word, Double Impact features Van Damme playing twin brothers Chad & Alex who, after being separated at birth due to the vicious murder of their parents, reunite to get some van damme revenge. And that they do, with a never-ending supply of bullets, helicopter kicks, and black silk underwear.

They had no choice but to bring maximum van dammage, since the bad guys came prepared, with an exciting array of villains, including hong kong action regular Phillip Chan, six time Ms. Olympia Corinna “Cory” Everson, expert martial artist/stuntman Evan Lurie, but especially… 6th Degree Tae Kwon Do Black Belt Peter Malota, and action movie legend Bolo Yeung.

That’s right. A Bloodsport rematch! But it wasn’t just a simple rematch. See, early in the movie, Van Damme as Chad encounters Bolo’s character Moon, and despite a valiant effort, promptly gets his ass kicked. For added context, watch that scene here:

So we get 2 fights out of Van Damme & Bolo in this one. And they’re both awesome! Especially the second one. I know I’m in the minority here, but I actually prefer Chad vs Moon 2 over Frank Dux vs Chong Li in Bloodsport. It definitely has to do with how the fight is handled by director Sheldon Lettich, who proves here, as he also did in Lionheart, that he is one of the top 3 directors to ever work with Van Damme, and showcase him the best.

Van Damme, as Alex, vs Malota is no slouch of a fight scene either, with it being a tense, Ninja-esque scene where Malota attacks Van Damme under the cover of darkness. Malota really shows off the beauty of Taekwondo with his expert kicks as he brutalizes Van Damme over and over again until Van Damme finally gains the upper hand. Very nicely done and performed.

But that’s enough chatting, let’s get down to it and watch JCVD×2 vs Peter Malota & Bolo Yeung!:

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