SHOCK WAVE 2: Andy Lau is Back in the Teaser for the Sequel to China’s Explosive Box Office Hit!

By: John M Jerva

Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau is back and he’s reuniting with Director Herman Yau for the follow up to the highly successful action hit Shock Wave. Lau plays a brand new character for the sequel which will see a release in July! Check out the teaser trailer and poster below!

According to Screen Dailey who announced the film back in November of 2018, Shock Wave 2 “features completely new characters in a related story, revolves around a bomb disposal officer who is injured in a blast and then named as a suspect in a terrorist bombing.”

The first installment was a massive hit in 2017 grossing $63 million in China and original cast member Philip Keung rejoins Lau once again along with new cast members Ni Ni and Lau Ching-wan.

Lau’s character in the first film didn’t have the best of endings but he is back as a new character for the follow up. It looks like everyone was happy with him in the first movie and wanted him back anyway possible.

Shock Wave 2 hits Chinese theaters in July and expect it to hit North America later on just like the original. While we wait, check out the new footage below! It’s a super short one but it wets they appetite!

Sources: Screen Daily, City On Fire

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