INFERNO: Taylor Kitsch Enlists for Director Neil Blomkamp’s Newest Sci-Fi Action Project!

By: John M Jerva

Unfortunatelt, director Neil Blomkamp will not be directing Robocop Returns or a new Aliens movie for that matter, but the in demand filmmaker is still keeping busy with his newest project titled Inferno which is a cool sounding action sci-fi spec from Stuart Ford’s AGC Studios that has just added American Assassin star Taylor Kitsch into the mix according to Deadline. The Oscar nominated director is staying within the genre that has made him successful and this one sounds like it will crank up the heat.

Taylor Kitsch in a scene from American Assassin

According to Deadline: “Kitsch will play a cop who is called to investigate a seemingly ordinary murder in the New Mexico desert. The arrival of the FBI confirms his suspicions that something bigger – perhaps extraterrestrial – is at play. The hunt for the killer puts him face-to-face with a humanoid beast who will stop at nothing to exterminate the one witness to the crime.”

(L) Director Neil Blomkamp (R) Taylor Kitsch

Inferno is expected to get underway with production in early 2020 and thisw will be the first feature film for the director since his 2015 movie Chappie.

Blomkamp talked about the newest feature stating:  “I am very excited to be getting behind the camera and making Inferno with AGC. The film is filled with themes and concepts that I find deeply fascinating, I feel lucky to be shooting it.”

Ford also spoke about the excitement of working with one of the industry’s top directors in Blomkamp. “Over the last decade Neill Blomkamp has proven himself to be one of the most innovative creators of science fiction cinema in the world and I’m convinced that Inferno is going to break new ground and take Neill’s body of work to even greater heights.”

Be sure to keep it locked and loaded right here for more 411 on Inferno and who kn ows, maybe one day, he will get to helm that Aliens flick that everyone wanted instead of Alien: Covenant.

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