Stallone Looking to Reboot COBRA with Robert Rodriguez and Wants a Sequel to TANGO AND CASH!

This Friday is a holiday for Action fans as Sylvester Stallone triumphantly returns as Vietnam warrior John J. Rambo in the sixth and supposed last entry in the franchise titled Rambo: Last Blood. It seems that Sly wants to revisit two other older properties as a report via Movie Web is bringing word that Stallone is looking to reboot Cobra with Robert Rodriguez and is looking up make a sequel to his buddy action film Tango And Cash which also starred Kurt Russell.

Stallone is currently promoting Last Blood which hits theaters this Friday and during some press for the film the iconic star had this to say about rebooting Cobra into a TV series and involving Director Robert Rodriguez in the process:

“I’m talking with Robert Rodriguez right now about Cobra, which looks like that could happen…it’s basically his now.”

It’s important to state that Stallone is looking to revamp the classic 80’s action film into a series and what involvement he would have in it is uncertain. Rodriguez has had success adapting his From Dusk Till Dawn Film into a series for his El Rey network. The series, which was teased by Stallone earlier, would focus on the elite Zombie Squad that Stallone’s Marion Cobretti was a part of in the original.

In the same article, it’s also mentioned that Sly is trying to get a sequel to his 80’s buddy action flick Tango And Cash which also starred Kurt Russell. Stallone is trying to get Russell on board with the film but it is Russell who is hesitant about doing it.

Stallone stated, “I would do Tango And Cash in a second. I know with, Kurt [Russell], it’s not about a caper, it’s about us doing our thing.”

Stallone mentioned that he had a conversation with Russell and interpreted what Russell had said. According to Sly, Russell said something like, “I don’t know, Sly…There we were on our prime and now we’re in our unprime, I dunno.” Stallone then stated that he said, “I’m telling you, you gotta go in on this,” to which Russell responded, “I’ll talk to you when I get back.”

So for the moment, it sounds like there is a little window of opportunity but it all stems from Russell jumping on board. Stallone certainly has a lot on his plate if you factor in The Expendables 4 that he keeps teasing us with along with saying that he would revisit Rocky again even though he said goodbye to the character in Creed II. Stallone is notorious for saying on thing then doing another to which I’ve dubbed him the Brett Favre Of Hollywood. Make no mistake, I’ve been a super fan since the 80’s but I don’t hold my breath anymore.

If anything, this is all entertaining and I look forward to see what the man has left in the tank as he gets older. As always keep it locked and loaded right here for all the latest updates!

For now, enjoy some action, Stallone style, from both Cobra and Tango And Cash!