(UPDATE: More Details Drop!) Bruce Willis And Scott Adkins Set to Unite for RUN OF THE HITMAN!

UPDATE: We have some more info regarding Run of the Hitman courtesy of Pacific Film Trade which include character names and a lengthier synopsis! According to the site, Willis is playing Colonel Walker while Adkins is portraying Ziker. Schweiger is also listed as the character Serpa although that is yet to be confirmed.

The budget for the film is $10 million and production was said to have started on July 8th.

New Synopsis: “When a hitman loses his daughter after being abandoned by his country he’ll stop at nothing to get her back. RUN OF THE HITMAN is a smart action film similar to classics of the genre like The Professional and The Long Kiss Goodnight.”

Stay tuned for more to follow: http://www.pacificfilmtrade.com/run-of-the-hitman

Original Post: Well here’s some kick ass and take names news for you on this fine Wednesday morning as it’s being reported that Bruce Willis will be teaming up with non other than Scott Adkins for a new action-thriller titled Run of the Hitman. This is unexpected news to say the least but certainly welcome news and it comes via the fine folks over at City On Fire.

Per COF: “Run of the Hitman (aka Grey Justice) revolves around a hitman who discovers his past has been wiped from his memory by a covert government agency.”

The movie is set to be helmed by Stephen C. Shepher who is known for Dead On Arrival And also for writing the 2015 action-thriller Heist which starred Robert DeNiro And Dave Bautista.

Til Schweiger (Inglorious Bastards) will be starring with Willis And Adkins for all the fun and let’s hope that Willis brings his A game to this one and channels a little John McClane as he has been sorely missed. You know Adkins will bring the pain in the action department so here’s hoping they utilize both stars to the Max.

I’m just speculating here but I would figure that Adkins will play the memory wiped Hitman while Willis will play a smaller role but we will see once more info drops for the film. On thing is certain and that is Adkins will undoubtedly light up the screen with his signature action. Hopefully Willis will get some much deserved moments to shine as well. We shall see.

We have a wait for this on though folks as it is only in pre-production but you can bet I’m all over it so keep it locked and loaded right here for more to hit!

In the meantime, check out both Willis and Adkins in action from Red 2 and Avengement in the videos below!

Source: https://cityonfire.com/bruce-willis-and-scott-adkins-team-up-for-run-of-the-hitman-grey-justice/

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