(UPDATE: The New Trailer Has Dropped!) TRANSIT 17: Elite Soldiers are Armed and Ready On the New Poster for the Long Awaited Sci-Fi Action-Thriller!

UPDATE: Just one day after delivering a brand new poster, we now have an official trailer for director Guy Bleyaert’s long awaited Sci-Fi action epic Transit 17! This one looks intense on so many levels and genre fans should get their dose of adrenaline with this one. Check out the new promo below!

Here’s some good news today and hopefully this signals a release date to hit soon but we have a new and action drenched poster for director Guy Bleyaert’s new dystopian action and sci-fi thriller Transit 17 that features Action-Flix.com favorites Zara Phythian And Silvio Simac. Check out the goods below courtesy of the film’s official Facebook page!

Transit 17 tells the adrenaline pumping story of an elite team of resistance soldiers in a not so wonderful future who are tasked with a suicide mission to save a young girl who might just be mankind’s last hope against a viral outbreak that has decimated Europe.

Bleyaert also headlines the film with Phythian and Simac and also starring are Lee Charles who was also seen in Final Score and Themo Melikidze.

I had done an original post for this film a few years back and since that article has fallen by the wayside when I transferred over to my glossy new page, it’s great to finally help promote this film once again.

I had the honor of interviewing Simac sometime ago and you can check out that interview here!


The film, as with many independent features, has been a long time coming so let’s get it out and let the masses see it. Keep it locked and loaded right here for more to come from Transit 17!

Check out the promo for the film that was released a few years ago below while we wait for a new trailer!

Source: Transit 17 Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TRANSIT17/

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