2019 Boston Fan Expo: ARROW’s Stephen Amell Stops By for a Q&A (Exclusive Photos!)

I’ve had the privilege of attending the New York Comic Con the past two years and have been able to see some really great stuff and meet some awesome celebrities in the process. On the recommendation of a friend from work, I decided to check out the Boston Fan Expo on Saturday this past weekend and I had a blast at the annual event. I was only able to go on Saturday but it was truly a great experience and even though it was a smaller affair, it was a great place to be to get your Fanboy geek on.

One of the biggest highlights of the day was sitting in on the Q&A panel for Arrow’s Stephen Amell, who has played the role of Oliver Queen on the hit CW show, and he was nothing short of awesome as he spent an hour talking to fans about the show, the ending of an eight year run and more.

Amell is one of those rare celebrities who even though he has gain vast amounts of popularity because of the show, he knows how and why he got there and that’s because of the legions of fans that support him and the show. Amell attends a lot of Cons on a frequent basis and always makes sure that every fan gets their picture taken with him and gets an autograph signed by him. He will talk about everything under the sun with you like you were best pals for years.

During the Q&A, Amell spoke candidly about the ending of the show and how it has met so much to him. He spoke about how they took a chance on a at the time nobody and that is something he has never taken for granted.

One good question that Amell was asked was who on the cast is the real deal when it comes to martial arts and fighting on screen and he was quick to point out that his co-star David Ramsey who plays John Diggle is one of those. Amell stated that he was one guy “you never wanted to pick a fight with” and he also spoke of action and martial arts legend Michael Jai White. The accomplished star has guessed starred as Bronze Tiger on the show and he said that he was something else when it came to the physical stuff.

One funny story Amell shared with us was when he was at an event with co-star John Barrowman who plays Malcom Merlin and he noticed one time that John had left his rather pricey Rolex watch in a bathroom. Being the kidder that Amell is, he casually picked it up and wore it for a dual photo op session with Barrowman. 90 plus minutes has gone by and Amell finally told Barrowman that he was wearing his watch the whole time to which Barrowman couldn’t believe he hadn’t noticed. This is a true testament to how close the cast is and Amell also pointed out that the family he gained from doing this show was easily the best part of doing the show.

Another highlight of the hour was Amell announcing that he did indeed have a new TV project lined up after Arrow wraps but unfortunately he thought the news was going to drop the night before but it didn’t so he couldn’t get specific.

“I’ve recently closed on a new project that I’m really excited about that I am not allowed to talk about. It’s on TV. I thought that the news was going to break last night, and I was kind of excited to talk about it today. . . . But something, something very soon.

Besides the Q&A, the other thrill for me was getting to meet the man behind the hood at a photo op session and even though I only had a minute to chat, I told him that I was there since the beginning to which he simply replied, “Thank you so much that means so much to me. Awesome!”

A great day for sure and one I’ll never forget. A true nice guy and a down to earth man who really appreciates the fans that have made him who he is.

Arrow returns for its last season on October 15th. Check out more exclusive panel images below!

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