Brawlhalloween 2020 kicks off in Br...
Brawlhalloween 2020 kicks off in Brawlhalla

The Fighting Spirit Film Festival Hits the UK this September!

One of the biggest and most recognized action and martial arts film festivals in the UK is without a doubt the Fighting Spirit Film Festival which showcases some of the finest feature films and shorts that the genre has to offer. The annual event will kick off on September 7th and conclude on September 8th at the Stratford East Picture House in London.

Just this week, the festival has dropped the news on the action short films that will be a part of the event and we also know that the Vietnamese actioner Lôi Báo will also play as well. Check out the list of the high-octane goodies that are in store that weekend!

Lôi Báo

Lôi Báo, directed by Victor Vu centres on Tam/Lôi Báo receives treatment for his terminal illness, which gives him superhuman powers. The history of the medical treatment entangles a dark history. 

SHORT FILM 1:  10 Minutes For A Pound

Directed By: Jadey Duffield and Linda Louise Duan

Synopsis: Pressures of life, combined with a spilt coffee, causes all hell to break loose at the laundromat.

A little bit about the directors: Jadey Duffield is a British actress and screenwriter who has worked in front of and behind the camera on major motion pictures including “Ready Player One” and “The Huntsman Winter’s War”. Jadey’s goal and focus today is creating and writing great stories with innovative action sequences that are tailored for cinematic audiences worldwide. To this end, Jadey has established a boutique film production company DreamMore Films.

Linda Louise Duan is British-born Chinese actress who has worked on major motion pictures including “Doctor Strange” and “Bohemian Rhapsody”. Linda’s martial arts training along with her theatre training both enable Linda to be an actress with a strong physical presence on screen. 

“10 Minutes For A Pound”, is Duan and Duffield’s first time co-directing. 


Directed By: Kai Jansen

Synopsis: Wilhelm Arndt, owner and seller in a small shop on the south coast of England, dreams of becoming a famous writer. With his novel “Agent Wu” he hopes for a breakthrough. But he receives only refusals for the story of a German agent, who set himself the task of fighting the mafia boss, Kazim. Wilhelm does not allow himself to be depressed by precipitation; on the contrary, he draws new inspiration and expands his stories about Agent Wu.

A little bit about the director: 
Born in 1990 in a small village in Germany and raised by his father, who taught him in Kung Fu since the age of five, Kai Jansen was heavily influenced by Bruce Lee. He worked as an actor for German film productions, series and short films. With a close connection to the Chinese Wushu Federation, he traveled to China for the first time in 2015, became the first official foreign member of the traditional Federation of Chinese Martial Arts in 2016 and became German Champion in the modern Wushu discipline “Southern Fist” in 2017. At the European Championships in Moscow, he won Gold and silver, and at the world championships in China and he won bronze twice.

SHORT FILM 3: Fear Of The Lotus

Directed By: Patricia Garcia Buenaventura

Synopsis: Mike follows new girl Yuki home from her first day at a new school. He joins her & tries to talk to her about his superhero fantasies. Unexpectedly they meet a group of bullies. There’s something about Yuki that will make the bullies regret jumping Mike.

Patricia’s passion for film began many years ago when she started watching films with her brother. Horror is her favourite genre and main inspiration. Years later she came to London from Spain to study and is now fulfilling her dream of working as a director in the film industry

We hope you enjoy Fear Of The Lotus by Patricia Garcia Buenaventura.

SHORT FILM 4: Dead End II: A Justified Kill

Directed By: Bryan Larkin

Synopsis: Two contract killers target a human trafficking gang in Hong Kong. When their mission spills into the streets a young girl becomes drawn into a brutal and bloody battle that changes the path of her fate.

A little bit about the director: Bryan Larkin is an accomplished BAFTA winning actor and filmmaker. His first short film “Reflections of a Life” was screened at the Sundance Film Festival
He is expanding Dead End into a feature film. Dead End Part I was released at film festivals last years and won over 30 awards.

SHORT FILM 5: Duchess

Directed by Keir Siewert

A female Mixed Martial Artist squares off against an obnoxious male fighter from her gym. Soon she discovers it is not as simple as one fighter versus another, as a literal battle of the sexes unfolds in the cage.

A little bit about the director: Keir Siewert is an American-British filmmaker who is partial to making visceral and genre-bending films. He won Best Film with #conniesflat (Edinburgh, 2013) and JC’s Honeytrap (London, 2014) at the 48hr Film Project. He has also directed over 100 music videos, many of which have been featured on the BBC, The Box, Q, Sky, MTV (both in the UK and internationally) and numerous style and music blogs.

At the time of this article, Lôi Báo is the only feature length film to be added to the festival but more will be added in the near future. For more info and details on the event, head on over to the official website for all the 411 and get ready for some bone crunching action in the UK this September!

Fighting Spirit Birmingham hosted an earlier event this year where TRIPLE THREAT made its UK debut. The evnt also held a Q&A session during the screening with Scott Adkins in attendence and answered some greta questions about the film as he talked about working with such great talent. Check out the video below!

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