SHADOW WOLVES: Cody Walker Stars in the New Action-Thriller Hitting DVD in July!

By: John M Jerva

Here’s one piece of home video news I shared on my old site that I wanted to bring over and that’s the release of the new action-thriller Shadow Wolves which sees Cody walker, the brother of the late, great Paul walker, stepping into the action spotlight in which he plays an rogue NSA operative who becomes part of an elite unit of Native Americans who are tasked with stopping the flow of ISIS terrorists from coming over the border into the United States. The film, which was supposed to be a TV series at one time, also stars Thomas Gibson of Criminal Minds and it is set to hit the shelves on July 2nd, so peek at the cover art and trailer below!

Shadow Wolves is an elite unit of highly trained Native Americans who must stop ISIS terrorists sneaking into the U.S. When Colonel Branson (Gibson), head of a secret division of the NSA, sends his best agent (Walker) to help them, his presence could bring the Shadow Wolves closer together or break them apart.

Also starring in the film are Graham Greene, Louise Lombard. Walker looks the part in the new thriller and certainly has the screen presence so we’ll see if he takes on more of these types of roles in the future. Cody filled in as a double for his brother in Furious 7 after Paul was tragically killed in a car crash while on break from filming that movie.

Shadow Wolves is now available for pre-order from Amazon.Com and check out the trailer below!

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