DAUGHTER OF THE WOLF: Gina Carano is On the Hunt in the Official Trailer for the New Action-Thriller

I had originally posted a teaser for former MMA warrior Gina Carano’s upcoming action-thriller DAUGHTER OF THE WOLF which also stars Hollywood icon Richard Dreyfuss a while back but a more official teaser dropped when I was on vacation so I figured I would do another proper post for the flick on my shiny, new website so check out Miss Carano doing what she does best and get ready for some fisticuffs in the snow come August when the film hits!


Clair McKenna, an ex-military specialist, comes home to the recent news of her fathers passing only to find herself at odds with her defiant 13-year-old son, CHARLIE. With the news that Clair has inherited a large sum of money from her fathers business Charlie is kidnaped for a ransom. Instead of seeking help Clair takes one of the kidnappers, Larsen, as a hostage and forces him to lead her on a perilous journey to rescue her son from the mysterious figure only know as the Father. The trek takes Clair deep in the mountains of the Yukon, near the US – Canadian border as a winter storm approaches. As the odds of survival start to mount against Clair she has no choice, but to form an unlikely alliance with Larsen in order to save her son and survive the wild of the far North.

You know, you’d think that bad guys would learn their lesson and never kidnap the children of ex-special forces soldiers but I guess we wouldn’t have a movie if they didn’t. Carano is locked in as the bad ass mommy who will stop at nothing to get her son back and that includes taking on a gang of killers as well as the elements and some pretty nasty wolves in the process. I’ll be viewing this one for sure. 

The film also stars Sydelle Noel and Brendan Fehr and you can view the trailer below while we wait for the August 2nd release!

One thought on “DAUGHTER OF THE WOLF: Gina Carano is On the Hunt in the Official Trailer for the New Action-Thriller

  1. Count me in! I love Gina Carano, and there’s something about action movies that include an element of man (or woman) vs nature that just does it for me. I don’t know how good this will be, given the director’s track record, but I’ll definitely give it a watch.


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