NEW POLICE STORY 2: Jackie Chan & Nicholas Tse Face Off Against Daniel Wu Again in the Super Charged Follow Up!

Jackie Chan has established his action cred decades ago and even well into his 60’s, he’s still kicking…literally. Sure, there’s no more action star that needs no stuntman as Chan is accepting the fact that Father Time is calling but that doesn’t mean he’s not going out without a fight and now he’s locked in for a sequel to New Police Story!

Announced earlier this year, Chan is set to return in New Police Story 2 as well as fellow co-star Nicholas Tse (Raging Fire) for another round of high-octane police action. The film’s first antagonist, Into the Badland’s Daniel Wu, is also set to make a comeback and his character is pissed for the events that transpired last time.

A new Synopsis, courtesy of ScreenHK, has unveiled itself on social media and you can check out what will be happening in the anticipated sequel!

The upcoming “New Police Story 2”

“Following the murder of the Commissioner of Police, Inspector Cheng Siu-Fung (Nicholas Tse) and Chief Superintendent Chan Kwok-Wing (Jackie Chan) faced Joe Kwan (Daniel Wu) again, the main antagonist from the first movie who was arrested twenty years ago. Joe Kwan subsequently sought revenge after being released from prison and uses the media in his favour to humiliate the police force, which in turn, damaged the reputation of these once-esteemed police officers. Will the two police officers manage to overcome the crisis?”

Tse is also set to make his directorial debut for New Police Story 2 and he will also be returning as star in the film along with Jackie and Daniel. Charlene Choi (The Goldfinger) will also be featured.

There is no release info or footage at this time as it’s still in production but Lock ‘N’ Load right here for more future details to come!!!

Original Movie Theatrical Trailer



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