BLACK LOTUS: Frank Grillo is All Bad in the Hyper-Adrenaline Pumping Black Ops Actioner Hitting in June!

While we wait to hear about Frank Grillo’s Lights Out and Hounds of War in terms of release info, we’ve got official launch confirmation for another project of his titled Black Lotus. Grillo is all bad and the action looks lit in the story of a former special operations soldier waging a one man war to save his friends daughter.

Black Lotus hits on June 19th on Digital platforms but you can check out the new key art and trailer now!

Black Lotus also stars Rico Verhoeven (Undercover) as out Black Ops Warrior on a mission, Marie Dompnier (Black Hearts), Peter Franzén (The Wheel of Time) and the aforementioned genre favorite Frank Grillo (Captain America: Civil War) who is taking on villain duties this time.

Official Synopsis: A soldier uses his military training to rescue the kidnapped daughter of his dead friend.

I’ll have to admit that I’m not familiar with Verheoven who happens to be a real life Karate champ and it looks it in the altercations so it’ll be cool to see him do his black ops thing here for the first time. The action looks tight and Grillo always brings it whether he’s on the good guys side or the dark side. Excited to check this one out so be on the lookout for my thoughts in the near future.

Black Lotus will hit on iTunes, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Virgin, Sky and Rakuten and other popular streaming platforms!


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