MMA Bad Ass Brandon Vera Battles Infected Humanity in Well Go USA’s Blood Splattered Action-Horror Flick DAY ZERO!

Well Go USA is really pouring it on when it comes to international action film flavor and now fans of the company’s output will have much to get excited about as another hard hitting thriller is set into debut on Digital on May 23rd. Veteran MMA bad ass and star of a previous Well Go USA hit Buy Bust is headlining a bloody fight for survival featuring firepower and fisticuffs in the Tagalog language action-thriller Day Zero.

Where Vera was a supporting character in the aforementioned film in which he was a show stopper in his fight scenes, the latter has him front and center in the movie that tells the story of a former spec ops soldier released from prison only to enter another jungle as the world has become infected by an unknown virus turning humans into the ultimate killing machines. Using all his lethal skills and weaponry at his disposal, the lone warrior must run a gauntlet of undead to find his estranged family and reach safety.

Check out the key art and new trailer below!

Also starring Pepe Herrera (Ikaw), MJ Lastimosa (Santigwar), Joey Marquez (On the Job series), Ricci Rivero (Rabid) and Freya Fury Montierro, Day Zero was helmed by Joey De Guzman (The Ghosting).

The trailer features Vera using his signature skills as he dispatches a horde of infected monsters utilizing machine guns, knives, axes, fire extinguishers and even a pair of handcuffs. The teaser amps up the carnage as we see quotes from various sites who have already seen the movie. I’m all in and I’m sure my review will feature a variety of quotes that will be worthy of hyping the public to another round of blood splattering fight sequences and jump scares.

The plot has been dragged through the dirt for years but when it’s done as effectively and cold blooded as this with Vera kicking dubious amounts of undead ass, who cares. I can watch these kind of bone smashing flicks until the zombies come home.

Day Zero hits Digital on May 23rd so prepare for another round of Apocalyptic, hyper-kinetic bloodshed!

Source: Well Go USA


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