BLADE: True Detective Creator Nic Pizzolatto Enlists to Rewrite MCU Reboot of the Iconic Vampire Hunter

The more I hear stories about the MCU reboot of Blade starring Mahershala Ali, the less excited I get. It could be that I feel the three prior flicks with Wesley Snipes are good enough and yes I even love Blade: Trinity so sue my ass already. I don’t think Kevin Feige and crew are going to make it as dark and violent as it should be and if it’s a PG-13 offering then I will most assuredly tune out. Make no mistake, I’ll watch it of course because that’s my job as an action blogger but I’m not expecting great things or good things for that matter.

The latest to come down the wire involves a complete rewrite right before the movie is set to roll in front of cameras late next month in Atlanta, Marvel Studios is now in crisis mode to get the script just the way they want it and did I forget to mention that there’s another WGA strike on the horizon so they are trying their best to get ‘er done. Oh lord. Clearly not an encouraging sign.

Nick Pizzolatto

Nic Pizzolatto, creator of HBO’s hit crime anthology series True Detective, is now working on the script that was first completed by Michael Starrbury (When They See Us) and he has been said to be working on it for several weeks now. Can you say Uh-Oh? Side note…Ali worked on the third season of True Detective and it earned him an Emmy nomination so this a reunion of sorts for the actor and Pizzolatto.

Like I stated earlier in this article, the first Blade trilogy is a love of mine so it’s going to take a lot, and I do mean A LOT!, to win me over. Nothing against Ali as he can act the shit out of anything even if he was wearing a paper bag over his head and his level of gravitas and ferociousness is equal to none but he’s at the mercy of the MCU creative war machine and sometimes, more than it should, Marvel Studios has fumbled at the one yard line lately. Aside from a few films like Spider-Man: No Way Home, there hasn’t been a clear winner since Endgame.

Fan made poster of Ali as Blade

This isn’t the only red light that has plagued pre-production on the new Blade. Bassam Tariq (Mogul Mowgli) was originally set to helm Blade, but he would end up stepping down last year and this forced Marvel Studios to push the pause button on all pre-production scenarios while they frantically went on a search mission for a replacement. They eventually settled with Yann Demange who is best known for helming an episode of Lovecraft Country as well as the feature films White Boy Rick and ‘71. Not the greatest choice to helm a Blade movie if you ask me but what the hell do I know.

I’ve been following this one close so it’ll be an interesting few months here as this all unfolds. Hopefully, Pizzolatto’s creative brilliance can salvage whatever was wrong with the initial stage and save it in the 11th hour. Time will tell.

Well you know what to do. Lock ‘N’ Load right here for more updates on Blade as we are your destination for everything action!!!

Source: THR


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