CROSSFIRE: An Elite Agent Seeks Redemption in the Upcoming Action-Thriller Starring Louis Mandylor!

Veteran genre actor and current hot action star Louis Mandylor can currently be seen in the new actioner Breakout but we have details on another upcoming film to peek your interest. Mandylor stars in the thriller Crossfire which sees him playing an elite agent who must protect his daughter while seeking redemption. Also starring Kevin Gage, check out the teaser key art below!

Official Synopsis:

CROSSFIRE is a story of redemption. Agent Mark Patson who takes down the deadliest Gorilla Gang, loses his wife in a crossfire which drags away his daughter. After few years when he tries to bring back his daughter, the last surviving member of gang tries to hunt her down. But this time Mark and daughter are prepared to strike back.

Helmed by Yadhu Krishnan, the movie will most assuredly have Mandylor at his best and locked and loaded for the action sequences with a healthy dose of intense drama to up the ante. Kevin Gage is a solid character actor as well having starred in such action classics as Con Air and Heat.

Crossfire hits on May 12th so be ready to check back here for more updates. Peek at the trailer below!

Keep it Locked ‘N’ Loaded right here for more details to surface as we are your destination for everything action!!!


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