Fan Made Character Cards are Coming to Celebrate the 35th Anniversary and 4K Release of JCVD’s Classic Martial Arts Actioner BLOODSPORT!

All of you know I’m all about old school action since I’ve been watching this great genre since the late 70’s. JCVD’s Bloodsport is a fond memory of mine as I saw the now classic martial arts actioner on opening weekend back in 1987. The film solely rejuvenated the action and martial arts genres that were stagnant for years and now this year marks the 35th anniversary of Van Damme centering the ring to take on Bolo Yeung.

Romulus Restorations is set to debut a slick line of character cards of the movie to help celebrate the event and its release this year on 4K from Capelight Pictures. This is just one project on the horizon for the group and you can check out the teaser trailer for it below ahead of a longer set to debut soon!

Lock ‘N’ Load right here for more goodies to come from Romulus Restorations and the 4K release of Bloodsport as we are your destination for everything martial arts action!!!


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