Daniel Stisen is Ready to Lay the Smackdown in the New Trailer for THE SIEGE!

Daniel Stisen, the imposing brute and bodybuilding champ turned action hero, who starred in Last Man Down is back! Stisen is taking down more bad guys in his latest action venture titled The Siege and the smack down is coming for indie action cinema fans as you can see from the embedded trailer below! Hell is going to be unleashed people, at least that’s what the tagline says so enjoy the crescendo of violence to be had.

An international assassin seeking a new identity at a top-secret compound battles a ruthless squad of mercenaries bent on taking out everyone who stands in their way. THE SIEGE is a brutally intense, adrenaline-fueled action thriller.

Just like Stisen’s last effort, the Trailer for The Siege literally hits the ground running with firepower aplenty followed but a little plot. Fret not action disciples, because there’s more brutality to come as we are treated to fisticuffs galore, Stisen grunting as only an action hero can do followed by more guns and fists. I think this one might be right up my alley if I’m not mistaken. I’m sure there’s more to be had in terms of high octane adrenaline in the final product so bring on March 14th when the film hits digital and VOD with a soul crushing vengeance!

A special agent (Daniel Stisen, Netflix’s Last Man Down) must defend his agency’s compound when it comes under attack from a special ops team in the action film THE SIEGE, coming to theaters March 10 and available On Demand and Digital March 14 from Saban Films.


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