SISU: One Determined Man Faces Off Against Evil in the Gloriously Violent Red Band Trailer for the Finnish Thriller

Chalk up another movie that flew in under radar and it comes from Finland no less. You know sometimes, you just want to watch a mean spirited, ultra-violent pic and SISU looks like it’ll fit the category to perfection. Check out the carnage, and I do mean carnage, in the newly released Red Band train below!

During the last desperate days of WWII, a solitary prospector (Jorma Tommila) crosses paths with Nazis on a scorched-earth retreat in northern Finland. When the Nazis steal his gold, they quickly discover that they have just tangled with no ordinary miner. While there is no direct translation for the Finnish word “sisu”, this legendary ex-commando will embody what sisu means: a white-knuckled form of courage and unimaginable determination in the face of overwhelming odds. And no matter what the Nazis throw at him, the one-man death squad will go to outrageous lengths to get his gold back – even if it means killing every last Nazi in his path.

If you’re wondering what the title of SISU means, we’ll it’s a Finnish word that means “white-knuckled grit and determination.”

Let me tell you, the anti-hero, played with extra doses of burly gravitas by Jorma Tommila, is in this one radiates white knuckle grit and hyper-violent determination all over the spectrum. Plus his rage couldn’t have fallen on any worse adversary then in Nazis so kill ‘em all and let god sort ‘em out for this film.

Lionsgate is releasing Sisu here in North America so keep it locked ‘n’ loaded right here for more to follow!


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