Killers Assemble on New Character Posters for JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 4!

Wick Week is moving right along and on the heels of the new trailer for John Wick: Chapter 4 that will hit tomorrow, Lionsgate has unveiled brand new character posters that assembles the cast of allies and enemies old and new of the highly anticipated fourth film and let me tell you does Scott Adkins not look himself in his over the top role of Killa. Check out all the killers in their prime below!

The biggest takeaway here is the look of Action star Scott Adkins who looks like he went through hours of make up and is sporting a few extra pounds. With the way he looks, I don’t know what action he’ll be involved in but hey if Sammo can do it so can he so it’ll be interesting to see him do his signature extreme moves looking like this.

Meet Killa. It’s a gift when a director trusts you to create such a wonderful, larger than life character. The fact this happens to be in the John Wick Universe makes it all the better! Killa by name, Killa by nature! Adkins stated on his social media post.

From Donnie Yen to Scott Adkins with Marko Zaror and Hiroyuki Sanada for good measure, this entry promises to deliver even more cutting edge action that will surpass the original. Director Chad Stahelski and the 87Eleven action Unit have essentially brought these movies back from the dead as comic book films and other tentpole pics have taken over.

Lock N Load right here and Check back tomorrow for more exclusives including the bullet riddled new trailer!!!


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