RIDE ON: Jackie Chan Breaks into Action to Save His Horse and Reconnect with His Daughter in the Trailer for His Newest Action-Comedy

I’ve said multiple times, that I prefer serious Jackie Chan like in his recent The Foreigner. Through the decades, Chan has wowed audiences worldwide with his signature breakneck action mixed with slapstick comedy but now into his twilight years, I feel that Chan can prolong his career if he goes the serious route like in the thriller that also starred Pierce Brosnon. It just seems to fit him better now that he’s older instead of being silly all the time like in his youth.

Well, Chan is back to action-comedy and even though it doesn’t look as over the top as some of his earlier efforts, there’s still some classic Chan magic to behold. The film is called Ride On and it stars Chan as an action star like himself who is at a crossroads in his life now that he has gotten older.

Watch the new trailer below along with additional info from my friend The Arty Dans from Asian Film Fans!

Official Synopsis:

Directed by Larry Yang (Adoring), the film follows Chan as a washed-up stuntman who can barely make ends meet, let alone take care of his beloved stunt horse, Red Hare. The man reluctantly seeks help from his estranged daughter and her lawyer boyfriend when notified that the horse may be auctioned off to cover his debts. Unexpectedly, the stuntman and the horse become overnight media sensations when their real-life fight with debt collectors goes viral. That earns the stuntman a second chance to choose between his movie career and his family.

Helmed by Larry Yang (Adoring), Ride On does look bittersweet and promising so North American audiences will have to probably wait a little longer to sample this one.

The role is a perfect fit for the aging action and martial arts star as he is now well into his sixties but Chan isn’t slowing down anytime soon as even though he has lost a step or two, he still has the moves and the charisma. It could almost be autobiographical in some aspects and he still is tops when it comes to exhilarating set pieces involving battles which always include inanimate objects such as chairs, debris and more. Let’s not forget his horse who gets in on the action as well. Giddy up!!!

The movie will have a Chinese theatrical release on April 7th with a U.S. release pending. Keep it locked and loaded for future updates on Chan and Ride On as we are your destination for everything action in 2023 and beyond!


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