Justice is Coming this January as Alexander Nevsky Takes Aim in GUNFIGHT AT RIO BRAVO!

Shout!Studios has acquired the Alexander Nevsky led western actioner for North American distribution and has unveiled brand new key art and a release date for the western epic Gunfight at Rio Bravo!Starring a host of 90’s action stars such as Olivier Gruner and Matthias Hues, Nevsky is taking aim as a mysterious gunslinger bringing peace to a small town one bullet at a time.

Three-time Mr. Universe Alexander Nevsky joins action star Olivier Gruner (Nemesis) in GUNFIGHT AT RIO BRAVO, a thrilling Western adventure from director Joe Cornet (A Prayer For The Damned). Watch on DVD and Digital starting January 17, 2023.

Official Synopsis: When mysterious Russian gunslinger Ivan Turchin (Nevsky) rides into a small Texas town, he runs afoul of a bloodthirsty outlaw gang known as The Hellhounds. Outmanned and outgunned, the town must put their trust in Turchin to protect them from annihilation at the hands of the bandits. The gunslinger finds allies in the form of Marshal Austin Carter (Gruner) and Sheriff Vernon Kelly (Cornet), and together the three must make a desperate stand against impossible and violent odds.

Pre-order: https://www.shoutfactory.com/product/gunfight-at-rio-bravo?product_id=7978

Nevsky’s first ever western looks to be a fun and exhilarating hybrid of old school western tropes mixed with present day style action and fight choreography. It’s a simplistic plot of good Vs. evil which is a good thing because sometimes you just want to watch a movie without having to think too much. Nevsky always puts his soul into his projects and it’s paid off as a sequel has already filmed.

Gruner has always been a favorite of mine ever since he made a name for himself back in the DTV glory days of the 90’s. From his introduction in the film Angel Town yo his ultra-cult classic Nemesis, Gruner always paved the way with authenticity and lethal combat skills. It’s a sight for sore eyes to see him let loose with his awesome kicking arsenal in the trailer for this.

Check out the latest trailer for Gunfight at Rio Bravo to properly get you into the mood for the release on VOD and Digital this January 17th, 2023. Prepare for some serious six barrel ass kicking!

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