DIG ME NO GRAVE: Ranjeet S. Marwa’s Brutal Thriller Serves Up a Teaser Trailer Best Served Cold

Those you were excited to finally see filmmaker Ranjeet S. Marwa’s brutal and unconventional pandemic filmed actioner Exiled: The Chosen Ones won’t have long to wait for a glimpse of his next offering. Titled appropriately enough Dig Me No Grave, Marwa, who wrote and directed, sets his eyes on a take no prisoners thrill ride that will leave audiences glued to their seats until the final credits roll. Check out the key art and trailer below!

Official Synopsis:

When ageing hunter Scott (Warren Hicks) goes out alone for his last kill, he tangles with a 900lbs grizzly bear and traps himself under its dying carcass for days on end. When he awakes, he soon realises that he is being held captive by a man set out for revenge (James Bryhan). Scott’s best friend Fred (Mark Strange) embarks on a journey to find and rescue Scott from the torture that is about to take place.

The film stars Warren Hicks who was also featured in Exiled: The Chosen Ones as well as martial arts star Mark Strange (Ip Man 4: The Finale, Hounds of War) and James Bryhan (Bluff).

Marwa is a master at serving up unconventional films that fill up the genres and this one looks to put the survivalist thriller trope straight on its head. It’s got a creepy, dirty, kinetic feel to it and I’m on board to see what it has to offer. The indie filmmaker also has the dystopian sci-fi action pic Rupture launching soon that also stars Strange in his first leading man action role.

Additional release info is pending but you can bet that you’ll see it here when it drops. Keep it locked and loaded right here here as we are your destination for everything action in 2022 and beyond!!!!

Happy Halloween!!!

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