VIOLENT NIGHT: David Harbour Decks the Halls and Blows Away the Bad Guys in the Bloody Trailer for My New Favorite Christmas Themed Action Epic!

Don’t get me wrong. I Love Die Hard and Lethal Weapon as two of my favorite Christmas themed action movies but there comes a time when you just need something new, and bullet riddled to celebrate the holiday season. Thankfully, this year, David Harbour has that covered as he’s playing one pissed off Santa Claus in the new holiday laced actioner Violent Night. The new trailer is now here to convince you that that besides The Grinch, this will be the best thing you watch in front of the Christmas tree comes this festive and merry season. After all, nothing says Deck the Halls like Harbour dressed up as Kris Kringle mowing down the baddies with some serious firepower. Throw in the fact that it comes from the same seriously talented people that brought us John Wick then this film basically sells itself to genre fans. Happy Holidays everyone!

Official Synopsis:
A team of elite mercenaries breaks into a wealthy family compound on Christmas Eve, taking everyone inside hostage. But the team isn’t prepared for a surprise combatant: Santa Claus (Harbour) is on the grounds, and he’s about to show why this Nick is no saint.

You had me at Nick is no saint. The film, which is an 87North production with David Leitch and Kelly McCormick involved so that right there sweetens the deal even more. The action set pieces should have that 87 Eleven action feel to it with some impressive stunt work and mayhem so this one is definitely on my must-see list. Tommy Wirkola, best known for Dead Snow, helmed the pic from a script penned by Patrick Casey and Josh Miller who took on Sonic the Hedgehog.

Harbour stars alongside John Leguizamo (Land of the Dead), who plays the man he is going up against and the rest of the cast includes Beverly D’Angelo (National Lampoon’s Vacation), Alexis Louder (Cops-hop), Cam Gigandet (Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse), André Eriksen (Horsemen), Edi Patterson (The Righteous Gemstones), and Alex Haskell.

Until action maestro John Woo’s Silent Night, which is his newest film that has not one single line of dialogue and stars Joel Kinnaman hits next year, this one will do just fine. With the trailer, we are treated to Santa taking care of a group of mercs that are definitely on the naughty list and can I just say that having him be the real article is a stroke of genius. Ol’ Sant Nick is primed and ready to make this a not so silent night and I can hear the cancel culture now as they seek to ban this film because of how it depicts him. Bring it on losers because this movie is the perfect cure for all that uptight bullshit flooding society nowadays. From the trailer alone, this one is a sure fire top five all-time favorite holiday action flick for me. Ho-Ho-Ho bitches.

Violent Night looks to take over the action themed holiday movie viewing pleasure for you when it hits theaters on December 2nd!

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