BATTLE FOR SAIPAN: Saban Films Acquires the New WWII Actioner Starring Casper Van Dien, Louis Mandylor & Jeff Fahey for a November Release!

It’s actually quite funny because I just literally talked about this film in my upcoming interview with writer/producer Chad Law, but Saban Films has just announced at the TIFF that they have acquired the new WWII action film Battle for Saipan which hails from director Brandon Slagle. The movie, which is being described as a full-on war epic with blistering hand to hand fight action, stars Starship Troopers alum Casper Van Dien as well as Louis Mandylor (The Debt Collector films) and genre favorite Jeff Fahey. Check out a new image of Van Dien below courtesy of Screen Daily who broke the news that Saban Films has acquired worldwide rights to the movie.

Image courtesy of Saban Films and Screen daily

The official synopsis for the WWII battle pic reads: “Casper Van Dien, Jeff Fahey and Louis Mandylor star in the story of a Second World War field surgeon in the Pacific forced to flee through a minefield with a wounded American soldier following a hospital evacuation.

Slagle is no stranger to action after having directed multiple horror films as he is also known for Escape from Ensenada, which also featured Mandylor, and the sci-fi action hybrid Crossbreed. The movie was produced by Daemon Hillin via Hillin Entertainment. Executive producers on the movie include Randall J. Bacon, Jeff Bowler, Carolina Brasil, James Cullen Bressack, Danny R. Carmona, Stien Davis, Jordan Dykstra, Fahey, Jeff Goldberg, Anselmo Martini, Kulthep Narula, Rachvin Narula, Chris Neville, Ryan Puliz, and Bret Saxon.

We won’t have long to wait as Saban Films is set to unleash the movie this November so expect a trailer and more details to follow in the near future. I was privileged to see footage from the movie a while back and i can attest that it is indeed going to be an action movie lover’s dream as from what I saw, there is a healthy dose of firepower and fisticuffs to go around throughout the movie’s running time. Mandylor is in full on battle mode in this one for sure and Van Dien always brings it whether he’s playing a good guy or an antagonist.

Keep it locked and loaded right here for more goodies to follow from Battle for Saipan as we are your destination for everything action in 2022 and beyond!

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