MGM is Expanding the ROCKY Universe Yet Again with a Drago Spin-Off

Here we have a spin-off of a spin-off and I’m all in if it’s done right just like the other movies. MGM is betting big time that fans will want to see a Drago movie that will explore the world made famous by Dolph Lundgren in Rocky IV and then again in Creed II. Florian Munteanu appeared in that sequel as the son of Drago who took on Adonis Creed played by Michael B. Jordan.

So essentially we have a spin-off in development that comes from a spin-off as the Creed films derived from the Rocky franchise. Robert Lawton has been tapped to write the screenplay after impressing the Hollywood execs with his spec script Becoming Rocky which was a documentary about the first film.

Lundgren did tease that something was developing a while back as he stated in N interview with The Hollywood Reporter:

“I think there’s some talk about doing a whole spinoff on Drago with MGM,” Dolph Lundgren, who played Ivan Drago, told The Hollywood Reporter in 2021. “So you may get more of that.”

Unfortunately, it is unclear at this point in time whether Lundgren or Munteanu will reprise their roles as plot details are being kept secret. It would make sense that they be involved as this sounds like a story about them.

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Source: Variety

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