DEAD ZONE: It’s Go Time as the Sci-Fi Action-Horror Film Starring Chad Michael Collins & Michael Jai White Hits TUBI on Friday!

Well, just like his last two Sniper films that came out of nowhere, Chad Michael Collins latest sci-fi actioner Dead Zone which pairs him with fellow action star Michael Jai White hits Tubi exclusively on Friday and we literally just found this out. To go along with the announcement, new key art and trailer has dropped featuring the two stars as well as genre favorite Jeff Fahey who co-stars. Check it out below!

The plot follows an elite team of soldiers who, to stop the collapse of humanity, descend on a radiation-poisoned town and perform the ultimate stealth mission using high-tech armor and weapons. But they need to be careful – with hell on Earth, they may just meet the devil. Chad Michael Collins, Jeff Fahey, and Antuone Torbert also star in the film.

This is quite sudden as there have been no warnings of the movie hitting this fast and the trailer just hit. View at your leisure below!!!

Hank Braxtan helmed the action pic that also stars Antuone Torbert and genre mainstay Jeff Fahey. Michael Lurie, Jeffrey Giles, Tarkan Dospil produced the movie via the production company Automatic Entertainment.

Both Collins and White are no strangers to action with Collins serving duty in five Sniper films. White’s resume speaks for itself having starred in numerous action projects over the years including Triple Threat, Falcon Rising, Blood and Bone and Spawn

The premise is certainly intriguing and the look of the cast is right out of a hi-tech Call of Duty video game on steroids. This is clearly a heavy dose of action with a sci-fi and horror vibe so first look footage will be welcome to see what our action stars are really up against in terms of an antagonistic evil.

Check back tomorrow and keep it locked and loaded right here for my live review of Dead Zone as we are your destination for everything action in 2022 and beyond!

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