(Update: Trailer is Live!) BRING HIM BACK DEAD: Gary Daniels Goes from Hunted to Hunter with New Key Art & Trailer for the Upcoming August Release!

Update: Well, this is how it usually goes. No sooner did I publish this article about Bring Him Back Dead, then I saw that the official trailer has been launched as well. It’s a good day when you can see the man do his stuff. Check out Gary Daniels in action once again kicking the hell out of the competition in slo-mo in the hard hitting, full throttle new trailer below!

Fans, like myself, of British action star Gary Daniels will be most pleased to hear that his latest project has received new key art along with an official release date. Daniels is about to go from hunted to hunter in his newest hard hitting actioner Bring Him Back Dead which sees him starring alongside Louis Mandylor (The Debt Collector) and Daniel Baldwin with Katie Keene rounding out the top billed cast. Check out the new key art for the film which will drop next month!

In the vein of Sam Peckinpah and Jim Thompson, the gritty BRING HIM BACK DEAD concerns a violent gang of criminals who are ordered, after a botched heist, to track down and eliminate the man who betrayed them and ran off with their loot. Daniels plays the “anti-hero,” while Mandylor portrays the leader of the gang and Daniels a man with mysterious motives.

Everyone who knows me well, knows that action and martial arts pro Gary Daniels is in the top three of my favorite action stars of all time. Daniels has starred in some of the best DTV actioners from the 90’s and beyond and he’s definitely got some of the best kicks in the business, past and present.

The film is helmed by Mark Savage (Hitman’s Hero, Painkiller), and produced by Jeff Miller, who is responsible for such other action entries as Death Kiss with Robert Bronzi and Kill ‘Em All with JCVD. The script was penned by Ben Demaree who also worked with Miller on the upcoming action film The Gardener which also stars Robert Bronzi and Daniels.

David Lavallee Jr. served as the production’s fight choreographer with Ryan Patrick O’Hara serving as the director of photography. Other producers on the project include Cuyle Carvin and Avery Miritello with Azhar Pasha, Miller, Savage, Ronnie D. Lee, and George J. Merino serving as executive producers. Uncork’d Entertainment is releasing the film next month.

Daniels is still in top physical conditioning and looks great in the new trailer as he’s showcasing his signature kicking prowess to all the unfortunate baddies who did him wrong in the flick. It’s like it’s the 90’s all over again. The action star has been sharing some great pics and videos of himself in training and he hasn’t lost a step when it comes to the empty handed combat.

I’ve been on a nostalgic throwback kick to action films and stars of the 80’s and 90’s so it’s nothing short of awesome to see my favorites like Daniels still kicking that ass. Although a smaller production, this one looks to utilize the star and his skills so as a fan foremost, that’s all I ever ask for. Give us what we want and here it’s Daniels doing his patented jump kicks in lethal slow motion.

Bring Him Back Dead will hit on August 2nd on DVD & Digital so expect a review to drop at anytime after that. Keep it locked and loaded right here for more details to come as we are your destination for everything action in 2022 and beyond!!!

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