THE TIGER CAGE TRILOGY is Ready to Unleash on Deluxe Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray from 88 Films in July!

By: John M Jerva

Here’s another reason for me to try and acquire a region free Blu-Ray player as 88 Films has officially announced that they will be unleashing the complete Hong Kong action epic Tiger Cage trilogy on collector’s edition Blu-Ray this July. The official box cover art has also been unveiled so check it out below!

Most avid action aficionados will know that legendary Hong Kong action maestro Yuen Woo-Ping helmed all three movies with international martial arts action star Donnie Yen appearing in the first two. Yen was more of a supporting player in the original but took headlining duties in the second film where he was involved in one epic onscreen altercation with action film pro John Salvitti. The fight even had the two combatants facing off with swords to go along with the lightning paced fists and feet of fury. That fight is one of my favorites to this day as both men left it all hanging out on the battlefield.

Besides Yen, the trilogy also featured by Jacky Cheung (High Risk), Carol Cheng (Armor of God II: Operation Condor), Simon Yam (SPL, Final Run), Rosamund Kwan (Armor of God), Cynthia Khan (Eternal Fist), Sharla Cheung (Cheetah on Fire) and Michael Wong (Once a Thief, Knock Off).

The box set includes all 3 films includes 1988’s Tiger Cage, 1990’s Tiger Cage 2 and 1991’s Tiger Cage 3. Each film featured the traditional and signature Hong Kong infused action choreography which included both fisticuffs and firepower. Yeun Woo-Ping is a true master craftsmen in the genre which makes this collection a must have.

Other notable appearances in the films included Mortal Kombat’s Robin Shou, Michael Woods, and the aforementioned John Salvitti.

Pre-Order info is no currently live and you can reserve your copy at Amazon. UK. Special features for the set are pending but we do know that there will audio commentaries. Stay tuned.

The box set will be released on July 25th so in the meantime, check out Yen in action as he centers the ring with John Salvitti in the classic duel from Tiger Cage II!

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