Iron Dragon TV Action Film Festival Announces Regular Deadline of June 15th, and CONTEST TO WIN FREE ENTRY!! (Exclusive) – © 2022 Danny Templegod

Greetings valued readers. This post is to inform the fine film makers wishing their film reviewed and “possibly being selected to screen in Texas! Early Bird entries are now open! Please submit via film freeway @

Information regarding the contest can be found at the end of this article, please read all of the instructions and information. Thanks again for supporting action films and action websites globally.

The festival will take place on August 13th of this year, more details will be announced. This will be a live, in person festival. Although the Early Bird deadline has passed, the regular deadline is June 15th , 2022. There is a final deadline of July 15th. Important to note, although all movies will be watched by the judges, not all will be selected to screen.

Note to all who submit. The festival has a strictly limited screening window and usually can only screen a very select few films. If your film is NOT selected you should be notified if you are not notified in a timely matter I will refer you to the proper channels. Winners can get their films on Iron Dragon TV Channel please connect to them for details about all the various prizes.

As far as awards go, they specify in action only and are as follows:

Best Overall Feature Film

Best Action Feature Film

Best Overall Short Film

Best Action Short

Best Action Feature Script

Best Action Short Script

Best Action Star, Feature

Best Action Star, Short

Best Action Team, Feature

Best Action Team, Short

Best Action Choreography, Feature

Best Action Choreography, Short

Best Action Cinematography, Feature

Best Action Cinematography, Short

Best Fight Scene

Best Action Fan Tribute Film

Best Action Animation Film


Audience Award

If you notice there are no lighting, photography, nor music awards so please only submit action focused films. All genres of action are allowed: including Martial Arts, Gun-play, Crime action, Chase scenes, and ancient settings action like knights and samurai! Please focus, and send your best work!

Finally in a big news! Please connect with John Jerva on his official Action-Flix Facebook Page or myself through my official Facebook Dan’s Movie Report page @ for a chance to win a FREE entry for your film to the festival!! Yes! FREE! The owner of the festival has authorized me to award free entries to deserving films, the rule is, we chose, please do not submit until we let you know. I realize many of the films have never been shown they will be internal reviews, thus not published on our sites and NOT publicized!


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