INTERCEPTOR: Elsa Pataky is Tough as Nails in First Look Images from Netflix’s Upcoming Military Action-Thriller

By: John M Jerva

Fast and Furious actress Elsa Patacky is taking a page out of her husband Chris Hemsworth’s playbook as she is ready to kick some ass in a new Netflix action-thriller called Interceptor. The film comes from first time director Matthew Reilly who is an Australian born author. Reilly also co-wrote the script which sees Pataky playing a military operative who must spring into action when terrorists take over a missile silo. This definitely has the plot of several DTV films that came out in the ’90’s so we will see how Pataky does. Let’s not forget that I eat these types of films up, so I’ll be there when this one launches (pun intended).

Netflix has served up an official release date to go along with a synopsis and several first look images from onset of making the movie. You may view at them at your leisure in the slideshow below!

The official synopsis for Interceptor reads: The new thriller, hitting Netflix on June 3, stars the actress and model as JJ Collins, a determined military captain facing down a coordinated assault on her isolated missile interceptor base. Collins must use all of her training to take down a team of mercenaries led by Alexander Kessel (Luke Bracey) before it’s too late for her — and for the world. 

O’Reilly might be new to action cinema, but he’s got some heavy firepower backing him up for this one as Pataky’s real-life husband and Extraction star Chris Hemsworth serves as a producer on the movie. Former MCU stunt pro and Extraction helmer Sam Hargrave served as the film’s action and stunt coordinator and stunt double Haley Wright and stunt coordinator Ingrid Kleinig also worked behind the scenes on the action set pieces and helped Pataky with her fight sequences.

“The final film is relentless, fast and uncompromising, and the experience of being a first-time filmmaker was everything I hoped it could have been!” Reilly told Tudum. “[I] can’t believe how lucky I was to get Elsa Pataky as my lead,” Reilly says. “She’s a total pro: always ready, always prepared. She’s just an amazingly talented actress and was willing to get her hands dirty. The fights, the stunts, the swings: She did it all.”

Pataky has co-starred in some of the biggest action films ever having played a role in the Fast and Furious franchise. This is her first time headlining a big action picture, but something tells me she was up to the challenge.

Hemsworth also recently finished filming the highly anticipated sequel Extraction 2 with Hargrave at the helm once more. This should be a nice one-two punch combo from the husband-wife acting duo and if anything, Interceptor should serve as a nice, high-octane warm up to Extraction 2.

Interceptor hits Netflix on June 3rd so expect key art and trailer to hit at any time.

Source: Netflix

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