An Ex-Cop Navigates a Violent Future in the New, Upcoming Action Series SUITCASE CITY

By: John M Jerva

If there’s any action fans out there who are dying to see an action hero cruise around in a vintage 1981 DeLorean as he patrols a desolate landscape, then we have the series for you. From series creator and showrunner Keith Sutliff comes the dystopian action series Suitcase City. Sutliff is really wearing all the hats on this one as he also headlines the show as a former cop who must navigate a violent, futuristic world overrun by gangs.

The new series is coming soon, and we have your first look tease at Sutliff looking all cool in his ride so take a peek below!

New action-thriller series Suitcase City will premiere on select streaming services and VOD this Spring.

 Synopsis: A city run by gang violence, corruption, and overall violent crime is the last remaining hub on Earth controlling all the main resources for survival. Resources such as oil, gas, transportation, ammunition/firearms, food/water, and more. Radical groups and organized gangs in the early 21st century have ravaged the Earth igniting nuclear bombs and destroying most of humanity. LAW ENFORCEMENT IS EXTINCT. The year is 2054. The gang, the SR 20’s, control the city and these resources. A former police officer named “Mason” and now militia leader of ex cops have come together to regain the city. This last band of law enforcement is attempting to overthrow the SR 20’s gang and their leader, “Orleans”, in order to restore justice in the city. Mason and the militia or “Alliance” as they call themselves are the last hope to saving the city and the world.


The series, created by showrunner Keith Sutliff and produced by KS Pictures, stars Sasha Golberg (‘’Bosch: Legacy’’) as Kye, Vittorio Nuzzo (“Modern Mafia”) as Weston, and Keith Sutliff (Street Survivors: The True Story of the Lynyrd Skynyrd Plane Crash) as Mason.

The above teaser doesn’t show us much and it looks like an 80’s car commercial, but I’m intrigued and will definitely be checking this one out to see what it offers in scope and action. Sutliff certainly looks the part and I’m a sucker for dystopian action flicks where a few brave men are humanity’s last hope. Bring it on.

Be on the lookout for more reports in the future as we are your destination for everything action in 2022 and beyond!

Premiere date to be announced shortly.



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