UPDATE: MAN’S CREED- Simon Yam is Ready for Action in the New Trailer for His Latest Upcoming Actioner

By: John M Jerva

A new international trailer full of bullets and mayhem has just dropped for Simon Yam’s upcoming action-thriller Man’s Creed! Indulge at your earliest convenience below along with new key art!

(Original Post) Hong Kong superstar Simon Yam is a pinnacle in the industry and not just action cinema. The versatile actor has amassed over 240 film and TV credits in his career and he’ll definitely be in the Hall of Fame when all is said and done.

From such genre outings on both sides of the ocean as Tiger Cage, Black Cat, Kill Zone (SPL), Operation Red Sea and one of my favorite JCVD flicks Wake of Death, Yam always oozes charisma, gravitas and a take no shit attitude that is generally unrivaled in the business. Whether he’s playing a righteous cop, a cop on the edge or a villainous killer, Yam leaves it all hanging on the screen and has decades of experience under his belt.

Yam is back in a new actioner titied Man’s Creed and there’s new international key art (courtesy of Asian Film Strike) making the rounds on the net which shows Yam ready for action as he takes aim with his registered side arm.

The film, helmed by Richard Lin who also directed Out of Control also stars Zhang Lanxin, Sabrina Qiu & Kenneth Tsang and even though plot details aren’t readily available, it certainly looks like it’s a cop action flick which is a welcome sight for fans of Yam.

The film is due to hit domestically on February 25th so expect a full throttle trailer to hit any day.

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