PROJECT GEMINI: The New Sci-Fi Thriller from Well Go USA Delivers Some Serious ALIEN Vibes

By: John M Jerva

Well Go USA is delivering some serious Alien vibes with their newest Russian sci-fi/horror thriller Project Gemini. From first time feature film director Serik Beyseu comes a horrifying tale of a group of astronauts who are tasked with saving the world. Unfortunately, they have a lot more to deal with when an unspeakable terror lies in wait for them.

This one boasts some pretty outstanding looking special effects and hopefully some decent jump scares and a satisfying looking menace for genre fans so check out the galactic mayhem below!

After centuries of destroying Earth’s resources, humankind’s last chance at survival requires creating a new home—in outer space. Unfortunately, something truly unimaginable is out there watching, lying in wait for the unwary human scouts in the action-packed sci-fi thriller PROJECT GEMINI, launching on digital, Blu-ray and DVD March 15 from Well Go USA Entertainment. Featuring stunning CGI & VFX, the first feature film from Director Serik Beyseu stars Moscow International Film Festival “Spirit of Fire” award winner Egor Koreshkov (Dostoevskiy), Alyona Konstantinova (Involution), Dmitriy Frid (The Balkan Line, Heroes and Cowards), Nikita Dyuvbanov (Superdeep, Beyond the Edge), Lisa Martinez, Kostya Samoukov, Viktor Potapeshkin (Let’s Name Her Lisa), and Petr Romanov (I Am Dragon, Lovi Moment).


After centuries of destroying Earth’s resources, humankind faces the grim reality that its last shot at survival may require creating an entirely new home—in outer space. An international expedition is quickly formed to find a suitable new planet, but when plans go awry, the crew is suddenly stranded without power on a strange planet. Unfortunately, they’ll soon learn that something truly unimaginable has been out there watching, lying in wait for the unwary human scouts.

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