THE GIRL ON THE MOUNTAIN: It’s Survival of the Fittest in Saban Films’ New Thriller Hitting in March

By: John M Jerva

Saban Films has given us some new key art and a trailer for their upcoming survival thriller The Girl on the Mountain. Starring Daniel O’Reilly and Makenzie Sconce, the film tells the story of a recluse who springs into action to save the life of a girl who is on the run from her abusive father and his merciless gang of thugs. Hitting in March, check out the newly released footage and poster below!

Synopsis: THE GIRL ON THE MOUNTAIN is an intense thriller set against a backdrop of beautiful, yet treacherous wilderness. Haunted by family tragedy, reclusive backwoodsman Jack Ward (Daniel O’Reilly) is given a chance at redemption when a young girl (Makenzie Sconce) fleeing abuse and murder, comes into his life. Safety and security are short-lived as the girl’s vengeful father and his posse converge on the two. Now Ward must summon his instincts as a paternal protector and face off against the sadistic intruders.

Director: Matt Sconce

Story By: Matt Sconce and Christopher Mejia

Screenwriter: Matt Sconce

Cast: Daniel O’Reilly, Makenzie Sconce, D.T. Carney, Sarah Dorothy Little, Megan E. Barker, David Holt, Lorenzo Leonard, Ryan Kos, Heather Sconce

Genre: Thriller

Run Time: 94 Mins

Rating: Rated R for Some Violence

Distributor: Saban Films

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