LAST LOOKS: Mel Gibson & Charlie Hunnam Form an Unlikely Crime Fighting Duo in the Official Trailer for the New Thriller

By: John M Jerva

On the heels of its release in early February, RLJE Films has just dropped a brand new trailer for their upcoming crime thriller Last Looks. The film pairs Mel Gibson and Charlie Hunnam as the unlikeliest of pairs who are on a case to solve a murder that Gibson’s character is a prime suspect for. Check out the new footage below!

“Charlie Waldo (Charlie Hunnam) is an ex-LAPD superstar who left the force and now lives a life of simplicity and solitude deep in the woods. Alastair Pinch (Mel Gibson) is an eccentric actor who spends his days drunk on the set of his TV show. When Pinch’s wife is found dead, he is the prime suspect and Waldo is convinced to come out of retirement to investigate what happened. The case finds Waldo contending with gangsters, Hollywood executives and pre-school teachers, all in pursuit of clearing Pinch’s name … or confirming his guilt.”

The film is based on a three book series of novels from Howard Michael Gould which centers on a L.A. detective named Charlie Waldo (Hunnam). The original title got the pic was Waldo at one time before it was changed.

The film also stars Morena Baccarin, Rupert Friend, Dominic Monaghan, Lucy Fry and Cliff “Method Man” Smith with Tim Kirkby (Brockmire) directing.

Last Looks will be released on February 2nd, 2022.

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