Only the Strong will Survive: Lionsgate Unveils the Official Trailer for INVINCIBLE Starring Johnny Strong & Marko Zaror

By: John M Jerva

With the long awaited action film Invincible finally ready to make its debut on home video in March, Lionsgate has officially unveiled an official trailer for the Daniel Zirilli helmed movie which pits Johnny Strong against Marko Zaror. Check out the new footage, key art and images below!


At a secret military site, injured soldier Brock is treated with advanced nanotechnology that turns him into an uncontrollable killing machine. Sent to stop the threat, security agent Cam is badly injured in a battle with Brock – but, to save his life, Cam must be implanted with the same technology that turned Brock psychotic and invincible. Will Cam gain the power to stop Brock, or will he become a lunatic menace himself? Intense hand-to-hand combat brings this stylish sci-fi action-thriller to life.

This is a movie I promoted heavily for a couple of years that has yet to come out. I even put it on my 2020 Must See Flix list so it is now on my list for 2022. Director Daniel Zirilli’s long-awaited action-thriller Invincible which pits Johnny Strong against Marko Zaror against each other in a battle royal is finally getting released on DVD on March 8th. I can’t tell you how many posts I did for this film in the last few years and now we are finally going to be able to see it.

The new trailer is locked and loaded with some incredible action and Strong and Zaror look insane in the fight sequences. Fans are treated to a barrage of fisticuffs, firepower and some rad Gun Fu in a movie that is in the vein of Universal Soldier. Strong has been MIA in the action genre for a few years now so it looks like 2022 is going to be his year.

Zaror is the Chilean equivalent to Scott Adkins and he is essentially a human highlight reel as he defies gravity with his rapid fire martial arts moves the explode off the screen. He’s a treat to watch hands down and is one of the most underrated action stars working today.

Johnny Strong (Black Hawk Down, The Fast and the Furious, Get Carter) and Marko Zaror (Undisputed 3: Redemption, Machete Kills) star in the action thriller INVINCIBLE, coming to On Demand, Digital and DVD March 8 from Lionsgate. Michael Paré and Sally Kirkland also star.

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